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Freedom of Information


Welcome to the Ashworth Street Surgery General Practitioner’s Scheme. This is a guide to the General Practitioners who practice together within the partnership publication scheme as required by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


This Publication Scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely made available to the public by Dr Doyle and Partners; it is a description of the information about our General Practitioners and our Practice, which we make publicly available. It will be reviewed at regular intervals and we will monitor its effectiveness.

How Much will it Cost?

Whilst the publication is free of charge there may be a cost to producing copies of the surgeries policies and procedures, upon request. These costs are stated later in this publication.

How is the Information Made Available?

The information within each Class is made available on here or in hard copy, upon personal application from Miss Pauline Mayor, Practice Manager.

Your Rights to Information

In addition to accessing the information identified in the publication Scheme, you are entitled to request information about Ashworth Street Surgery under the NHS Openness Code 1995.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 recognises that members of the public have the right to know how public services are organised and run, how much they cost and how the decisions are made.

Since January 1st 2005 General Practices are required to respond to requests about information that it holds, and is recorded in any format and it will create a right of access to that information. These rights are subject to some exemptions, which have to be taken into consideration before deciding what information it can release.

Under the Data Protection Act 1988, you are also entitled to access your clinical records or any other personal information held about you and you can contact Miss Pauline Mayor, the Practice Manager, at the Surgery, to be guided as to how you may do this.

Medical records in this practice contain statements of opinion about the likely diagnosis accounting for a patient’s problem at a particular time. This diagnosis is entered in order that we can monitor the basis of our actions such as prescribing interventions, etc. Since it is an opinion expressed at the time it is not unusual for the final diagnosis in any episode to differ from it. Often when illnesses first present to a doctor, the range in severity of symptoms does not allow more than a tentative diagnosis.

The Practice will continue to protect the personal data entrusted to us by disclosing only information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


The Practice will comply with the Freedom of Information Act and sees it as an opportunity to enhance public trust and confidence in the Practice.

If you have any comments about the operation of the Publication Scheme, or how we have dealt with your request for information from the Scheme, please write to Miss Pauline Mayor, Practice Manager, at the Surgery.


All information at the Ashworth Street Surgery is, held, retained and destroyed in accordance with NHS guidelines. Our commitment to publish information excludes any information, which can be legitimately withheld under the exemptions set out in the NHS Openness Code of Freedom of Information Act 2000. Where individual Classes are subject to exemptions, the main reasons are e.g. the protection of commercial interests and personal information under the Data Protection Act 1998. This applies to all Classes within the Publication Scheme. The information on this Scheme is grouped into the following broad categories:

1. Who we are

The NHS is a very large part of the public sector. A full list of local General Practices can be found on NHS Heywood, Middleton Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group website or by telephoning: 01706 652853.

Ashworth Street Surgery General Practice provides general medical services for Rochdale and surrounding villages. A detailed list of the villages covered by the practice is can be obtained from Miss Pauline Mayor, Practice Manager, at the Surgery.

The following Doctors work in the Practice:


- Dr Steve Doyle
- Dr David Osborne
- Dr Shalini Gadiyar
- Dr Mark Mudalidge
- Dr Adam Simmons
- Dr Kevin Cody
- Dr Feroz Zafar

Salaried Doctors:

- Dr Elizabeth Knott

- Dr Hassan Riaz

GP Registrars:

- On rotation from Pennine Acute Hospitals

The Practice participates in the training of doctors pursuing a career in general practice. These doctors are fully qualified and may have several years experience in hospital medicine. Whilst they are with us we like them to participate fully in the medical care offered by the Practice. We value our training status and the contribution that these doctors make to the Practice.

The Practice Team:

The Practice Manager is Pauline Mayor. She is happy to help you with any business and administrative issues or problems in the Practice, or any other non-medical aspect of your health care.

We have a valued complement of nursing and administrative staff employed by the practice. We also have an attached team of nursing staff: Community Nurses, Health Visitors and Midwives whose up to date contact details are available from the surgery.

The practice adheres to the General Medical Services contract with NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale Primary Care Trust.

Patient information will be withheld and protected including personal, confidential information about individuals which is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998.

2. Our Services

We offer:

  • Good car parking
  • Disabled access
  • Excellent facilities
  • Internet repeat prescription ordering
  • Facility to make routine appointments via the internet

In addition to routine and emergency services, we offer the following range of services under contract to the NHS:

  • Childhood developmental checks and immunisations
  • Health promotion services for young adults and adults of all ages
  • Disease management services including asthma, diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease
  • Travel and other immunisations
  • Cervical Cytology
  • Contraceptive Services
  • Minor Surgery

3. Surgery Opening Times

Our surgery services are available from 8.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on weekdays. We also offer “Extended Hours” surgeries on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and Monday evenings and on certain Saturday mornings, by appointment only. We offer ten-minute appointments with our doctors throughout.

When the surgery is closed ‘Out of Hours Care’ for urgent medical services is provided by an ‘Out of Hours’ service arranged by the NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale Primary Care Trust. The ‘Out of Hours’ centre is based in the Moorgate Primary Care Centre, Derby Way, Bury. The Urgent Care Centre based in Rochdale Infirmary provides minor illness/injury service.

Accidents and emergencies occurring outside surgery hours should be directed to Royal Oldham or Fairfield Hospitals.

4. Financial and Funding Information

The Ashworth Street Surgery General Practice receives money from NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group according to its contract for national General Medical Services in exchange for services provided for patients.

There may be circumstances where material cannot be released because it is confidential or commercial information or the appropriate officer designated for these purposes, under the Act, has taken the view that it may be prejudicial to the conduct of the Practice’s affair.

5. Regular Publications for the Public

The practice has an up to date practice leaflet available in Reception. This leaflet provides information about the Doctors and staff who work at the surgery and the services we offer.

Other information is available on the practice notice boards in the waiting areas.
The Ashworth Street Surgery Patient Group produces regular newsletters for patients with information about events and campaigns running in the practice.

6. Complaints

If you have a complaint or concerns about the service you have received from the doctors or any of the staff working in this practice, please let us know. We operate a complaints procedure as part of the NHS system. Our complaints system meets national criteria.

A copy of our practice complaints procedure is available from reception.

7. Our Policies and Procedures

General policies and procedures in use within the practice include, but are not restricted to:

  • Information Governance
  • Prescribing and Dispensing
  • Health & Safety
  • Complaints
  • Infection Control

All policies & procedures are available for viewing, upon request in writing, to Miss Pauline Mayor, Practice Manager, at the surgery.

This Publication Scheme

Any requests regarding our information management policies generally in the practice should be directed to Miss Pauline Mayor, Practice Manager, at the surgery. The request can be made by e-mail or on paper.

We may ask the reason for the request or question the reasonableness but will work positively with the person requesting the information to help clarify what they require so that the Practice can best meet the request.

In some cases there will be charges made to cover the costs of copying, printing, stamped addressed envelopes and the administrative costs involved in so doing. The current rate of photocopying and/or printing is charged at 30pence/per sheet and the administrative charge stands at £10.00. The charges will be reviewed regularly. The publication is available, free of charge, on the practice website:, although any charges for the Internet service provider and personal printing costs would have to be met by the individual.

Requests for multiple printouts, or for archived copies of documents which are no longer accessible or available on the web, may attract a charge for the retrieval, photocopy, postage etc. We will inform you of any cost charges, in advance. We will not provide printouts of other organisation’s websites.

The Practice will record all Freedom of Information requests and our responses and we will monitor our performance in handling requests and complaints.

Useful Resources

Web sites:
This is the web site of the Information Commissioner
This is the web site of the Lord Chancellor’s Department
This is the NHS Freedom of Information web site Primary Care Trust web site

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