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Patient Participation Group

Ashworth Street Patient Group (APG)

Ashworth Street Patient Participation Group (the PPG) was formed in October 2011. It is made up of 15 members representing a broad cross-section of patients within the Practice. This group meets on the first Wednesday of alternate months to discuss issues of interest or concern regarding the policies and procedures of the practice.

We present the patients’ viewpoint to the partners. We produce minutes of every meeting and publish regular newsletters in order to keep the patient community informed of our work. We also conduct patient questionnaires – so that patients can feedback their views and opinions on the services provided at the Practice. Results of the questionnaire are published on the website, through the noticeboard and the newsletters. Subgroups investigate some matters in greater detail before reporting back to the main PPG. Partners and visitors from outside the Practice deliver presentations on topics of interest as well as keeping the group abreast of current issues within the NHS and General Practice.

We hope the Patients’ Group provides an important pivotal link between the partners and patients of the Practice.

In addition to the PPG there is a larger database of patients who have shown an interest in providing suggestions for the group without necessarily being involved in the detailed discussions. This database is open to all patients and forms can be obtained either through reception or downloaded from the website.

The PPG has its own dedicated notice board inside the surgery on the ground floor. If you have any ideas, suggestions, improvements or concerns and you would like the PPG to look at these on your behalf, just pop them into the suggestion box attached to the notice board.

Notice to Patients

Our Patient Participation Group is established in order to ask patients for their views on our services.

The Patient Participation Group aims to provide an independent overview of services and facilities at Ashworth Street Surgery.

Patients on the PPG help us conduct surveys, write reports and generally get involved with the Practice and other patients.

The Patients’ Group is there to ensure that the views of patients are fed into the Practice regarding the services they deliver.

Would you like to get involved in shaping the services we offer at the Practice and be a member of the Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

Could you spare a couple of hours a month to get involved and attend a bi-monthly PPG meeting?

If so complete the form and hand in to a receptionist.

Many thanks

Lyn O’Reilly (Chair, Ashworth St. Patients’ Group)

Click here to download our Patient Participation Guide

Terms of Reference 2018

Click here to download the Application Form. Please return the completed form to the surgery or fill in the Application Form online.

PPG Newsletters

May 2018 Newsletter Page 1 (PDF, 284KB)

May 2018 Newsletter Page 2 (PDF, 255KB)

May 2014 Newsletter (PDF, 1.32MB)

September 2013 Newsletter (PDF, 517KB)

March 2013 Newsletter (PDF, 414KB)


PPG Agenda - 1st September 2021.doc

PPG Agenda - 6th November 2019.doc

PPG Agenda 3rd July 2019.doc

PPG Agenda - 1st May 2019.doc

PPG Agenda 9th January 2019.doc

PPG Agenda - 7th November 2018.doc

PPG Agenda - 5th September 2018.doc

PPG Agenda - 2nd May 2018

PPG Agenda - 7th March 2018

PPG Agenda - 5th July 2017.doc

PPG Agenda - 1st March 2017.doc

PPG Agenda 11th January 2017.doc

PPG Agenda - 2nd November 2016.doc

PPG Agenda - 7th September 2016.doc

PPG Agenda - 6th July 2016.doc

PPG Agenda - 4th May 2016.doc

PPG Agenda 6th January 2016.doc

PPG Agenda - 4th November 2015.doc

PPG Agenda - 3rd September 2014.doc

PPG Agenda - 7th May 2014

PPG Agenda - 5th March 2014

PPG Agenda - 4th September 2013

PPG Agenda - 3rd July 2013

Minutes of Meetings

Practice Minutes - 1st September 2021.docx.doc

Practice Minutes - 7th July 2021.docx

Practice Minutes - 19th May 2021.docx

Practice Minutes - 21st April 2021.docx

Practice Minutes - 24th March 2021.docx

Practice Minutes - 10th March 2021.docx

Practice Minutes - 15th December 2020.docx

Practice Minutes - 9th September 2020.docx

Practice Minutes - 17th June 2020.docx

Practice Minutes - 11th March 2020.doc

Practice Minutes 6th November 2019

Practice Minutes 3rd July 2019

Practice Minutes 1st May 2019

Practice Minutes 6th March 2019.doc

Practice Minutes 7th November 2018.doc

Practice Minutes - 5th September 2018

Practice Minutes - 11th July 2018

Practice Minutes - 2nd May 2018

Practice Minutes 7th March 2018.doc

Practice Minutes 8th November 2017.doc

Practice Minutes 6th September 2017.doc

Practice Minutes 5th July 2017.doc

Notes of the RHA meeting on Wed 3rd May 2017.docx

Practice Minutes 3rd May 2017.doc

Practice Minutes - 1st March 2017.doc

Practice Minutes - 11th January 2017.doc

Practice Minutes 2nd November 2016.doc

Practice Minutes 7th September 2016.doc

Practice Minutes 6th July 2016.doc

Practice Minutes 4th May 2016.doc

Practice Minutes 2nd March 2016.doc

Practice Minutes - 6th January 2016.doc

Practice Minutes - 4th November 2015.doc

Practice Minutes 2 September 2015.doc

Practice Minutes - 13th May 2015.doc

Practice Minutes - 4th March 2015.doc

Practice Minutes - 7th January 2015.docx

Practice Minutes - 05th November 2014

Practice Minutes - 3rd September 2014.docx

Practice Minutes - 7th May 2014

Practice Minutes - 5th March 2014

Practice Minutes - 8th January 2014

Practice Minutes - 4th September 2013

Practice Minutes - 3rd July 2013

Practice Minutes - 12th June 2013

Practice Minutes - 1st May 2013

Practice Minutes - 6th March 2013

Practice Minutes - 9th January 2013

Practice Minutes - 7th November 2012

Practice Minutes - 4th July 2012

Practice Minutes - 7th March 2012

Practice Minutes - 11th January 2012

Practice Minutes - 2nd November 2011

Practice Minutes - 5th October 2011


Improving The Practice Questionnaire

We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to complete our practice survey. Download the form below in your preferred language and return the completed form to the survey.

September 2017 Questionnaire v3.docx

Improving Practice Questionnaire Responses After 2nd Batch (.doc)

Improving Practice Questionnaire [English] (.docx)

Improving Practice Questionnaire [French] (.docx)

Improving Practice Questionnaire [Urdu] (.docx)

Improving Practice Questionnaire [Polish] (.docx)

Improving Practice Questionnaire [Bengali] (.docx)

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